Get Back In The Game


Gladiator tennis brings the thrills of a professionally run outdoor tennis league to Arlington Heights, IL.  You can participate in well-organized outdoor tennis by paying a single entry fee.  For only $40, you can get back in the game.  No more club membership fees.  No more court costs.  And your skill level is unimportant.  Gladiator arranges players into six skill levels, and all matches are with players in your area.   It’s easy to schedule games, too.  You’ll be playing tennis in Arlington Heights, IL at the times that best fit your schedule.

Playing Tennis Arlington Heights, IL

Gladiator matches you with similarly skilled players and gets you playing tennis again.  You’ll be enjoying outdoor tennis as part of a professionally managed tennis league in Arlington Heights, IL.  You’ll even get the chance to compete for trophies and various prizes in the league playoffs.  There are no further charges, only the $40 entry fee.  After you join the league, you’ll go to the Gladiator website to choose one of six skill levels for yourself.  An experienced league member will play a match with you to certify your skill level.  You will then be part of a singles competition for players age 18 and older.

Tennis League Arlington Heights, IL

Gladiator Tennis runs for 3 seasons each year – spring, summer and fall.  Gladiator is now in its sixth year, and growing.  You are responsible for picking your home court out over 300 public courts in the Chicagoland area.  This is where 3-4 of your games will be played.  The remaining 3-4 games will take place on your opponent’s home courts, which will be about 20 minutes from your own.  You’ll be assigned one match each week of the season.  You’ll discuss your matches with your opponents, choosing a day and a time that is mutually convenient.  You’ll be assigned 7 matches, and they will be played within an 8 week time frame.

Outdoor Tennis Arlington Heights, IL

It’s easy to start playing tennis again when you choose Gladiator.  You’ll be enjoying outdoor tennis on public courts, paying only one small entry fee.  You’ll only compete with players who share your skill level.  Your schedule will be posted on the Gladiator website.  You’ll also be able to obtain your opponents contact information at the website, as well as view the match history of all league players.  The playoffs are open to players who win their division or place in the top 16 for their skill level.  There are prizes and trophies for the top 4 players.  Regardless of your skill level, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to play outdoor tennis and be a part of a well-organized tennis league in Arlington Heights, IL.

For more information on Gladiator Tennis’ Outdoor Tennis League, contact League Coordinator Stephen Hess at 630.639.2866, or email him at: