Get Back In The Game


Gladiator Tennis brings a professionally run outdoor tennis league to Aurora, IL.  With one small entry fee of $40, you can participate in a satisfying tennis competition.  Gladiator founder Stephen Hess wanted to get more people back into the game, without the expense of club or court costs.  Gladiator will have you playing tennis in Aurora, IL, regardless of your skill level.  You’ll be choosing the most convenient times to play, and be playing with competitors in your own area. 

Playing Tennis Aurora, IL

Start playing tennis again, and compete with players who match your skill level.  Experience the pleasure of outdoor tennis, and be part of a well-organized tennis league in Aurora, IL.  Trophies and prizes might be yours if you make it to the playoffs.  The entry fee of $40 is the only charge.  Six skill levels are available to choose from, starting at recreational and ending in advanced.  You’ll choose your skill level by reviewing the Gladiator website, and then play a current league member for verification.  Gladiator is open to all players 18 and older, and is a singles competition.

Tennis League Aurora, IL

Gladiator Tennis is now in its sixth year and is steadily growing.  Each year the league runs for 3 seasons – spring, summer and fall.  From hundreds of public courts, each participant chooses their home court, where 3-4 of their games will be played.  The remaining games will played at the home courts of your opponents.  They will almost always be only 20 minutes or so from your own home court.  Your schedule will assign you one match each week, and by consulting with your opponent, you’ll choose the most convenient day and time for each match.  Playing tennis in Aurora, IL has never been easier.

Outdoor Tennis Aurora, IL

Gladiator will have you playing tennis again on nearby public courts with players in your area.  The entry fee is small, and you’ll soon be enjoying outdoor tennis with competitors who share your skill level.  You can view your schedule on the Gladiator website, where you can also find your opponents contact information.  You can also keep track of the entire league by viewing the match history of any player.  Should you win your division or be one of the top 16 in your skill level, you’ll qualify to be in the Gladiator playoffs.  Playoff winners will receive trophies and other prizes.  Whatever your skill level, and regardless of wins and losses, you’ll be glad you are a part of the outdoor tennis league Gladiator brings to Aurora, IL.

For more information on Gladiator Tennis’ Outdoor Tennis League, contact League Coordinator Stephen Hess at 630.639.2866, or email him at: