Get Back In The Game


If you live in St. Louis, love tennis, and want to play or haven’t played in a while, Gladiator Tennis is your chance to get back in the game in the way that’s right for you.

Playing Tennis in St. Louis, MO

Gladiator is your chance to get on the court and feel the rush of tournament play. Once you join the league, just go to our website to choose your skill level out of six ranging from recreational to advanced. Before the season begins, an experienced league member will play a match with you to verify the level you chose. Once your level’s set, you’ll be part of an exciting singles competition for players 18 and older. You’ll also never pay any extra club fees or court costs – your $40 membership covers it all

Tennis League in St. Louis, MO

Through Gladiator Tennis, you can play professionally organized tennis in spring, summer and fall. It’s a great way to maintain your game, especially when the indoor season’s on break. Simply select your public home court of choice in the St. Louis area. You’ll then play three or four of your tournament games on your court. The remaining matches will be played on your opponents’ courts, most of which will be within 20 minutes of yours. You’ll be assigned one match per week during the season, and you and your current opponent will set the date and time. Each season includes seven matches to be played over eight weeks.

If you win your division or place in the top 16 of your tier, you'll qualify for the Gladiator Playoffs. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the top four players. You could be the next champion at your skill level!

Outdoor Tennis in St. Louis, MO

With so many outdoor public courts to choose from in and around St. Louis, you’ll have a blast getting back in the game. The Gladiator website makes it easy for you along the way. Simply go there to view your schedule, your current opponent’s contact information and all league players’ match histories. No matter what your skill level is and whether you win or lose, you’ll love the excitement of outdoor play in St. Louis.

Find out more about our outdoor tennis league for St. Louis – contact Gladiator Tennis at (630) 639-2866 or today!