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Gladiator Tennis offers singles, doubles, and mixed doubles for adults age 18 and up. Between April and September, there are 3 outdoor singles seasons, 2 outdoor doubles seasons, and 2 outdoor mixed doubles seasons. Players accumulate points based on their performance over the course of these seasons towards eligibility for a playoff tournament and an opportunity to win great prizes in late September/early October. Players compete with others at their own skill level who live within a 20 minute radius of where they live.     

What you do…

  • Assess your skill level by reviewing our skill level page
  • Pick your “home” court where you will play half of your matches.
  • Complete the “New Member” page at
  • Login to and click “registration”.
  • Pay the $40 entry fee
  • New Players – Play a “Ratings Match” with a current player in the league to ensure that you begin at the correct skill level. Ratings matches are set up for you by the League Coordinator after you sign up. (It may be too difficult to schedule this if a player signs up with less than a week before the entry deadline. In that instance, the new player will enter at the skill level they signed up for.)

What we do…

  • We create your schedule and place you in a division with opponents that are within 20 minutes of your home court. We are serving some new areas on the edges of Chicagoland and the St. Louis area where the distance may exceed 20 minutes on occasion.
  • We activate your member’s page where you can view your schedule, your opponents’ contact information and match history. You can also keep an eye on how your friends are playing and see the archived stats of any player in the league. This is also where you will report your scores after playing each match. The standings and statistics are updated immediately after each score report.
  • A few days before the season begins, we post your schedule of opponents and their contact information on your member’s page.
  • You are assigned one match per week. 3 or 4 of your 7 matches are at your home court, and the rest are at the home courts of your opponents.
  • Players have a 2 week window to complete each match, and match times are set at the mutual convenience of you and your opponent.
  • Earn points and track your standings online as you compete to qualify for the Gladiator Playoff tournament.


Gladiator Playoffs

  • Playoffs are held in Late September and early October.
  • Win your division or place in at least the top 16 for your skill level and you'll qualify for the Gladiator Playoffs.
  • Compete against the top players in the league to decide the best singles player in your skill level
  • Finish in the top 4 in the playoffs at your skill level and receive one or more of the following prizes: a classy trophy, a free season, and your picture on the Gladiator Tennis website.
  • You're going to love the convenience, efficiency, and professional manner in which this league operates!